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Nice Legs !



One of the more frequent  questions I get asked on our  Cape Town Wine tours is about the "legs "of the wine . 

A lot of people are curious about  this idea that the quality of the wine is expressed through the legs of the wine , ie the more evenly spaced they are ,the better quality the wine or the longer the legs, the better the quality, the slower the legs run, the better the quality.


                                                                  What are the legs of the wine in the first place ? 

When you swirl wine around in your glass and wait a few seconds , the wine starts to run down the side of the glass forming the legs .  What do they tell us ?  Well what they tell us is that there is alcohol and or sugar in the glass........and thats it !  Desert Wine is high in sugar and so the legs will run slower,  More legs will indicate a higher level of alcohol or sugar.  If you really want to impress your friends about your wine knowledge there is no better way than to swill the glass with authority and say "nice legs ! " Enjoy !     

Legs of the Wine  

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